ADCOCK, Alwin 'Bunny'

1905 - 1985

Alwin 'Bunny' Adcock was born at Ipswich on 1 September 1905, third child of Francis [Frank] Grickson Adcock (21 February 1867-10 April 1954), a second-hand furniture dealer, and his first wife Alice Gertrude née Durrant (1865-1905). Alwin was one of the early pioneers of radio, his interest in painting did not develop until some years later. He studied etching under Leonard Squirrell at the Ipswich School of Science & Art and subsequently watercolour and oil painting with Anna Airy. A member of Ipswich Art Club from 1938 until his death and was Hon. Sec. 1955-1959 compiling the Art Club catalogues and was a regular exhibitor from 1938. In 1943 he exhibited at Ipswich three works 'Dockland', 'A Suffolk Village' and 'A Suffolk Church', in 1944 three works 'The Corner', 'Heathland' and 'The Wayside House'. In 1951 he exhibited from 26 Cotswold Avenue, Ipswich three oils 'Early Morning (Looking towards Valley Road)', 'East Lane, Bawdsey' and 'Woodbridge' and the following year an oil 'Walberswick' and in 1961 exhibited from Berner House, Hasketon, near Woodbridge, two oil paintings 'The Old Fort, Felixstowe' and 'West Mersea', in 1964 three oil paintings 'The Oak, Hasketon', 'Seeing Beyond the Horizon' and 'West Mersea'. Bunny Adcock was also a member and exhibitor, from Ipswich, at the Norfolk & Norwich Art Circle 1952-1953. In the Ipswich Art Club centenary catalogue in 1974 Ipswich Museum loaned his oil 'Waldringfield', of which he painted several different views, when his address was Red Tiles, Main Road, Westerfield, Ipswich. He married in 1947, Joyce Ethel Barkaway (22 August 1918-8 February 2003). Alwin Adcock died at Ipswich on 5 June 1985 and was buried at St Mary Magdalene church, Westerfield, near Ipswich.

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