1858 - ?

Penzance School of Art

The Penzance School of Art was founded in September 1853 by Henry Malcolm Geoffroi (1825-1917) who was its first master. It commenced initially in rooms above the Princes Street Hall but by the end of the year, the popular classes had moved to Regent House at Voundevour Lane, Penzance. In March 1881 it moved into its first permanent home at Morrab Road, Penzance, the building of which was financed by the gift of land and donations. Later in the decade a museum and science school were added when the fašade of the building was remodelled. Exhibitions of works by artists of the Newlyn School, such as Stanhope Forbes (1857-1947) and Walter Langley (1852-1922) were held at the museum, but a Passmore Edwards Gallery now Newlyn Art Gallery was constructed in 1894 and opened in 1895, which was the venue for future exhibitions and a pottery school was established by Bernard Leach (1887-1979). Visiting lecturers included Samuel John Lamorna Birch, Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975) and Graham Sutherland (1903-1980). From 1984 the School was operated by Cornwall County Council and from 1989 by Penwith College. Former students include Robin Welch.