1972 - 1995

Fischer Fine Art was founded by Heinrich Robert Fischer (1903-1977), known as Harry Fischer, who was born in Vienna and where he founded one of Vienna's largest bookshops. Harry came to England in 1938 and after serving in the British Army during the Second World War was one of the founders of Marlborough Fine Art Gallery in 1946. Around 1963, his son by his first wife Martha née Hölzl, Wolfgang Georg Fischer (1933-1997), together with his wife Jutta Maria née Tempfer (1937-), came to England from the U.S.A., and worked in his father’s gallery, before they set up Fischer Fine Art at 30 King Street, Southwest London. Harry now a naturalised British citizen died in London in 1977 and his son Wolfgang Fischer, carried on running Fischer Fine Art gallery until returning permanently to Austria on retirement in 1995. The artists who showed in his gallery included John Hubbard, Michael Sandle, Brendan Neiland, Ken Kiff, Leon Kossoff, Ansel Krut, Liliane Lijn, Arthur Boyd, David Hepher, Cecil Stephenson.