1907 - 1913

The Fitzroy Street Group was formed by Walter Sickert in 1907 in rooms near his studio in Fitzroy Street, to the north of central London. The original membership consisted of Spencer Gore, Harold Gilman, Nan Hudson, Ethel Sands, Walter Russell, and the brothers William and Albert Rothenstein, who later changed his name to Rutherston. Their aim was to explore contemporary styles and methods, thereby challenging the mainstream traditions of the NEAC. Together they established the first artists' collective. Among the prominent artists who attended later meetings were Robert Bevan, Malcolm Drummond, Augustus John, Henry Lamb, James Bolivar Manson and William Ratcliffe. In 1911 many of the Group's members, including Walter Sickert, formed the nucleus of the new Camden Town Group, and by November 1913 the Fitzroy Street Group had ceased to exist.