WOODING, Anthony

1957 - ?

Anthony Wooding

Anthony Clive Wooding was born at Southend-on-Sea, Essex in December 1957. After a career as managing partner with Kerseys the Ipswich solicitors, is now working as Antartist, an Ipswich based artist who works in various media including acrylics, oils, pastels, and Chinese ink, as well as pen and pencil. He works from a studio in his Ipswich rear garden, where he holds exhibitions of works of his own or with other artists. His work is inspired by his intellectual studies and his portrait of Marcus Aurelius was in support for his talk on this famous Stoic Roman Emperor at Ipswich Town Hall and University of Suffolk in 2012 and his painting of Framlingham Castle was a feature of his talk ‘From Siege to Sheeran’, originally made at the Castle in 2018. He has painted portraits of a serving mayor of Ipswich, a previous mayor and a Leader of Ipswich Borough Council. Anthony has exhibited around Suffolk including at Ipswich Town Hall Gallery; Freudian Sheep Artists; Subterranean Arts; The Hold; Prettys Art and Kerseys Solicitors.
Website: https://antartist.co.uk

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