ALLEN, Ambrosine

1982 - ?

Ambrosine Allen

Ambrosine Sophia Allen was born in Suffolk in 1982, daughter of Daniel J. Allen and his wife Bridget Heriz-Smith, who married at Halesworth, Suffolk in 1979. After graduating from the M.A. Fine Art: Drawing course at Wimbledon School of Art in London in 2005, Ambrosine started experimenting with paper collage and the detailed technique she developed, soon became the main part of her practice around an ever-expanding series of intricate collages, meticulously created using layer upon layer of tiny paper cuttings. The subjects are landscapes, often epic in scope but with a detailed aesthetic that references 17th and 18th century engravings of a geographical nature. Each piece often takes several months to complete. The collages depict a world in turmoil, landscapes of altered ecosystems that are subject to bizarre natural phenomena. She has exhibited widely including at the Royal Academy; Copeland Gallery, London; Roaming Room, London; Bo Lee Gallery, London; Artspace, London and elsewhere including in Miami and New York, U.S.A., Hong Kong and Amsterdam.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 16 Croftongate Way, London SE 4
2018 439 And yet more Angry grew the Sea - collage
         499 Entrance to a Mighty Canyon - collage
2021 651 Mountain Waterfall after the Rain - paper collage
         677 A Great Advance of Fire - paper collage

Works by This Artist