1914 - 1998

Karen Jonzen

As Karin Margareta Löwenadler, she was born in London on 22 December 1914, daughter of director Uno Martin Löwenadler and his wife Hulda Gerda Selma Munck, one of twins with Gerda [Lyth] (22 December 1914-20 October 2005), an interior designer. Karin studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm and continued her studies at the Slade School of Fine Art in London 1933-1937 followed by a year at the City and Guilds of London Art School at Kennington and in 1939 was winner of Priz de Rome but was unable to take up this scholarship owing to the Second World War and was also the winner of the Theodora Gleichen Award in 1948 for the best woman sculptor. In 1939, Karin and her sister Gerda were living at Ferne House, Brook Hill, Donhead St Andrew, Wiltshire and Karin served as ambulance driver in the Second World War and married at Marylebone, London in 1944 artist Basil Jonzén and they had a son Martin Jonzén (1947-), also an artist, after her marriage she worked as Karin Jonzén. A sculptor, her art consists of smaller figures and groups and as Miss Karin Lowenadler exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1943 and as Mrs Karin Jonzén from 1944 and was a regular exhibitor of two or three sculptures including from the White House, Chelsworth, Suffolk. After her divorce from Jonzén she married in 1972 Erik Ĺke Joakim Sucksdorff (6 September 1906-13 March 1992), a poet and her former suitor. Her work is on show at the Tate Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum and in New York, Geneva, New Delhi and Melbourne and among her public works is a sculpture group in Pietŕ. A dedicated art teacher who taught at St Martin's School of Art, Thanet School of Art, University of London and Camden Arts Centre. Karin Margareta Sucksdorff died in London on 29 January 1998.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 22 Oakwood Court, Addison Road, London W 14
1943 1008 Rebecca - terracotta bust
         1042 Louise - bronze statuette
         1951 Woman with Pot - terracotta statuette
1944 as Mrs Karin Jonzén
         1221 Seated Figure - terracotta
         1273 Nude - terracotta statuette
from 9 Redcliffe Square, London SW. 10
1945 1352 Reclining Figure
         1377 Statuette Group
1946 1170 Torso - terracotta
         1213 A Boy - bronze
         1219 Kneeling Figure - terracotta
from 9 South Bolton Gardens, London SW 5
1947 1231 Christopher - terracotta head
         1257 Seated Nude - terracotta
         1293 Reclining Nude - terracotta
1948 1265 Reverie - terracotta bust
         1295 Standing Figure - Portland stone
         1338 Reclining Figure - terracotta
1949 1345 Reclining Figure - terracotta
         1348 Recumbent Nude - terracotta
         1353 The Three Graces - statuette group
from White House, Chelsworth, Suffolk
1950 1271 Fountain Figure -sculpture
         1293 Reclining Figure – terracotta
         1357 Bather – terracotta
1951 1108 Standing Figure - Caen stone
         1150 Mother and Child – terracotta
         1197 Vanity - terracotta
1952 1483 Standing Figure – sculpture.
         1497 Mother and Child- sculpture
         1512 Bather – sculpture
from 92a Fordwych Road, London NW 2
1966 1383 Sir Hugh Casson- cement
         1430 Boy - terracotta
         1434 Garden Figure - terracotta
from 6a Gunter Grove, London SW 10
1979 769 Karate Girl – bronze
         804 Seated Girl – terracotta
         856 Bather – Bronze resin

Works by This Artist