1986 - ?

Joel Wyllie

Joel Mark Wyllie was born in London 1986 and grew up in Southampton. In 2015 he graduated from the Royal Academy Schools. Joel Wyllie's drawings are distinguished by multiple lines that teem, swarm and gather into forms that are significant for the artist. The myriad lines he lays down seem to grow out of the paper and resemble the beauty of the natural world, such as fish scales or the feathers and eyes of birds. Wyllie’s drawings play with illusion and perception and are simultaneously stage sets relating to lived experiences and portals to another, unknowable and unnameable world. He has exhibited at Drawing Room, London; Kingsgate Projects, London; Chalton Gallery, London; Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh; Chelsea College of Art, London; The Artist League of New York, New York; Kinman Gallery, London and elsewhere. He is currently living and working between London and at Atrium Studios at Bentwaters, Suffolk.
Website: https://www.joelwyllie.co.uk

Royal Academy Exhibits
from Royal Academy Schools, Burlington Gardens, Piccadilly
2014 77 Thorn - zinc etching
         394 Shot - zinc etching

Works by This Artist