2010 - ?

Iceni Botanical Artists was the brainchild of Norfolk botanical artist Isobel Bartholomew when she noticed that flower paintings in exhibitions did not sit too comfortably amongst all the other styles of landscapes, animal studies, portraits etc. An idea began to form that as there were other botanical artists in the East Anglian area that they might like to come together to form a new group, solely devoted to painting the plant kingdom. In February 2010 a meeting was held and Iceni Botanical Artists was born with some 23 members. Iceni Botanical Artists first exhibition was held in August 2010 at The Edmunds Gallery, Bury St Edmund's, entitled 'For the Love of Flowers'. The show of paintings and drawings celebrating the beauty and diversity of plants was a great success and highlighted the varying styles of members. While some enjoyed painting plant portraits with accurate detail, others had great skill at capturing habitat landscapes or more impressionistic representations. Every year since then they have held one or two exhibitions a year, moving locations to galleries in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. The Brecks landscape, which is at the heart of IBA’s area, is rich in biodiversity and rare flora and fauna. The twelve local workshops taught by IBA tutors, proved very popular, introducing some 250 people, for free, to the delights of the Brecks. Later, IBA members produced 45 plant portraits of some of the rare and endangered wild flowers of the Breckland area and its book 'Breckland Wild Flowers–Heaths and Grasslands' first published in 2016, is into its third edition.