PRIESTMAN, Bertram Walter

1868 - 1951

Bertram Priestman

Bertram Walter Priestman was born at Clifford House, Girlington Road, Bradford, Yorkshire on 30 November 1868, son of the wealthy Quaker family of Edward Priestman (19 April 1838-8 August 1920), a worsted spinner & manufacturer, and his wife Henrietta née Broadhead (1839-12 September 1924), who married at Leeds, Yorkshire in 1862. In 1871, Bertram was a 2-year-old, living at Clifford House, with his parents 32-year-old Edward and 31-year-old Henrietta, with three siblings George Edward 7, Howard 5 and newly born Gertrude. Bertram was educated at the Friends’ School at Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough and at Bootham, Yorkshire and he enjoyed painting during the holidays with his uncle Arnold Priestman (1854-1925). Bertram studied watercolour painting under Edwin Moore (1813-1893) of York 1883-1886 and, when he left school, began an engineering course at Bradford Technical College, but gave this up to study at the Slade School of Fine Art in London where he remained for two terms under Alphonse Legros (1837-1911). Studio assistant to Sir William Llewellyn, PRA (1858-1941) who painted occasionally at Walberswick, Suffolk. Priestman exhibited at the Liverpool Academy of Arts from 1888, at the Royal Academy from 1890 when his 'In Dock for Repairs' was shown; the New English Art Club from 1894 and elsewhere. He married in London City in 1896, Grace Henwood (23 July 1868-1953) and in 1901 ‘an artist’ living at 29 Beauford Street, Chelsea with his 32-year-old wife and two of his four children Bryan, aged 4 and Olga, 10 months, who was educated at St Felix School, Southwold. In 1914 Priestman purchased ‘Windy Haugh’ at Walberswick, Suffolk, a house designed by Frank Jennings and added a studio in the garden where he tutored pupils, including Edward Seago. After a brief period away at Wharfedale in 1919, he returned to Walberswick where he remained until 1927. Elected to the Royal Society of British Artists in 1894; New English Art Club in 1896; Royal Institute of Oil Painters in 1910 and an Associate of the Royal Academy on 20 April 1916, a member on 26 June 1923 and a Senior on 1 January 1944. He made annual painting tours throughout East Anglia and could be seen chugging along in his 1908 vintage De Dion Bouton car seeking out new subjects to paint. In 1939, he and his wife Grace were living at Lionwood, Arnside, South Westmorland and he later moved to Snape Hall and then to Woodbridge, both in Suffolk. Although not a member, he exhibited at the Ipswich Art Club in 1932 from 101 Gunterstone Road, London W.14 an oil, 'The Deben above Wilford Bridge', in 1933 'Awaiting Cargo, Woodbridge', in 1937 from 22 Egerton Gardens, London SW.3, two oils, 'Billy, daughter of C.E.G. Bell, Esq.' and 'Her Last Mooring-Bembridge, I. of W.' and at the centenary exhibition in 1974 the Ipswich Museum loaned an oil on panel 'The Port of Ipswich' and his paintings are also held in galleries in Bradford, Leeds, Birmingham and other towns in the U.K. Bertram Walter Priestman died at St Giles, The Green, Crowborough, Sussex on 19 March 1951.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 15 Aubert Park, Highbury
1890 335 In Dock for Repairs
         400 An Old Soldier from Chelsea
from 66 Glebe Place, Chelsea
1896 517 Swollen Waters
from 29 Beaufort Street, Southwest London
1897 468 A Mile from the Sea
         578 An Upland Wood
1898 155 Ebb Tide
         688 Grazing
1900 332 The River Meadow
from 13 Edwardes Square, West London
1907 441 The Lock
         774 The Ford
1908 576 The South Wesst Wind
         856 Early June
1909 681 The Valley of the Wharfe
from 20 Grange Road, Chiswick, West London
1910 460 September Sunshine, Yorkshire
1911 8 The Outskirts of a Northern City
1912 248 Sunshine and Smoke on the Rochester River
         380 In a Dorset Valley
1913 521 Across the Broad Meadowlands
         593 The Great Green Hills of Yorkshire
1914 44 The Sunlit Pool
         152 Cypresses and Olives on the Hills of Como
from Walberswick, Suffolk
1915 190 Early Morning, Grasmere
         450 Broad Meadowlands
         692 'Gust and gleams and the passing day'
1916 98 Waters of Washburne and Wharfe
         459 The Heart of West Riding
1917 82 The Sunveiled Hills of Wharfedale
         105 Snow in Buckden Vale
         183 The Hillbound Village
         357 Cliffs of the Winding Wharfe
         386 The Great Grey Crag of Kilnsey
1918 114 The Walls of Langstrothdale
         164 In Wordsworth Country
         369 Limestone Fells
         518 October Snow on the Yorkshire Hills
1919 43 The Afterglow
         55 Great Langdale
         342 A Yorkshire Ghyll
         575 The Cool of the Morning
         594 Hayline among the Hills
         653 The Becks of Beckermonds
1920 44 The Giants Pollards of the Stour
         90 His Majesty’s Mail
         117 Early Morning, Buckden
         180 The Valley of the Stour
1921 101 The Church on the Hill
         269 Third Year Pollards
         370 An Old Chalk Pit
         429 The Moorings: Windermere
         508 A Surrey Mill
1922 7 The Marsh
         180 Poplars of the Maas
         321 The Great Dutch Waterway
         461 August
1923 65 An Essex Village
         195 Gaitloch Bridge, Ross Shire
         287 The Heart of Suffolk
from St Giles, Crowborough, Sussex
Boxtrees, Woodbridge, Suffolk
1941 44 Storm Clouds, North Wales
         82 Whtibarrow Scar
         182 The Flood Tide
         514 The late Sir Anton Bertram, Chief Justice of Ceylon
the late Bertram Priestman
1951 142 Thunder-clouds breaking
         294 The Old White Horse
         344 Smoke over Rochester River
         372 Suffolk Waterway
         625 The Road from the Watermeadows

Works by This Artist