1960 - ?

	 Angelique Fraser-MacKenzie

Angelique Vidyla Fraser-MacKenzie was born in January 1960. Educated at Richard Aldworth School, Basingstoke and, as a mature student, studied Design Crafts at the University of East Anglia and now works mostly as a printmaker with a particular interest in collagraphs but also paints in watercolours. Texture and ambience are an important part of her work where mark making is done using specialist tools and colour, dashes and symbols are combined to convey memories, emotion, and sounds. Watercolour is a versatile medium which can yield a variety of results and as an abstract artist, events in the real world often influence her work and sometimes this can be seen indirectly in a painting and her watercolour and mixed media paintings are inspired by the Raja Ampat declining coral reef beds in Indonesia. A member of Easterly Artists and of the Suffolk Open Studios with her studio at Nova Scotia, Henham, Beccles, Suffolk.

Works by This Artist