1855 - 1935

Harry Fidler

Harry Fidler, was born at Teffont Magna, Tisbury, Wiltshire on 22 January 1855, ninth of the ten children of William Fidler (21 February 1807-15 June 1877), a farmer of 545 acres, and his wife Jane née Humby (1814-1882), who married at Dinton St Mary Church, Wiltshire on 3 April 1839. In 1861, Harry was a 5 year old, living at Chilmark, Tisbury, with his parents 53 year old William and 46 year old Jane, with nine siblings, James Humby 19, Mary Jane 17, Flora 15, Hannah Elizabeth 13, Thomas 11, Fanny 9, Lucy Hannah 7 and Gideon 3, all born in Wiltshire. Harry's early years were spent working on the family farm and it was not until he was in his early 30s that Harry studied at the Herkomer Art School, Bushey where he met his future wife. In 1901, a 45 year old unmarried artist painter, living at Tefford Street, Tefford Magna, Tisbury, Wiltshire with his 57 year old unmarried sister Mary, and five other unmarried siblings and he rented the old Methodist Chapel to use as a studio which he used until his marriage. He married at St Matthew, Great Peter Street, Westminster in 1908, Scottish born Laura Barbara Sutherland Clunas (26 July 1862-7 October 1936), who was also an artist. Fidler frequently included farm animals and especially working horses in his paintings and frequently used poor quality canvas and inadequate ground which meant that his work may require early restoration. A member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and the Royal Society of British Artists and exhibited several large canvases at the Royal Academy 1891-1935 also exhibiting at the Paris Salon; New English Art Club and in 1930 had a solo exhibition at the Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool also exhibited at the Ipswich Art Club including from The White House, Stoke, Andover, Hampshire in 1932, an oil 'Plough Land Plight'. Fidler died at The White House, Stoke, Andover on 10 May 1935, aged 79 and a memorial exhibition of both Harry's and his wife's work was held at the Arlington Gallery, London in 1936. He signed his work 'Fid', 'H. Fidler' or 'Fidler' in block letters.
Note: his birth year is often given incorrectly as 1856
Birth Registration-Harry Fidler-1855-Tisbury, Wiltshire, England-Tisbury-Volume:5A-Affiliate Line Number:20-Registration Quarter:Jan-Feb-Mar-Registration Year:1855

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