1907 - 1987

Noel Cossart

Noel Cossart, was born on the Island of Madeira on 28 March 1907, and on the death of his father in 1925, joined the firm Cossart, Gordon & Co., which for more than 150 years were the largest and most important producer of Madeira and managed the firm from 1936 until he sold its assets to the Madeira Wine Association in 1953. Noel continued to play an active role in marketing Cossart, Gordon wines and was co-author of a book on Madeira, 'Madeira, The Island Vineyard' (1984). He married firstly in 1936 in the Cathedral of the Capital of Madeira, Funchal, Kathleen Florence Gradidge (12 November 1905-12 April 1985), who was known as 'Jimmy' and their son was David Cossart [q.v.], the marriage was dissolved in 1951. Noel married secondly at Westminster, London, Mary Patricia Potter (born 7 October 1926) and lived at Pockford Lodge, Chiddingford, Surrey, their daughter was Anna Frances Maria Cossart (born 1957). Noel was a member and exhibitor at the Beccles Society of Artists. Noel died at 3 Glebe Close, Aldbourne, Marlborough, Wiltshire on 7 November 1987.