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Beccles Society of Artists was formed in 1969. The founder, the late Frank Delf, a retired marine engineer who lived in Worlingham, was a keen artist. He was also well-known as a naturalist and had expert knowledge of windmills and round-towered churches. The late Frank Randall Forward, a professional artist, also played a part in the foundation and it was after a successful exhibition arranged for Frank's pupils at the Corn Exchange in 1967 that the desire for a local art society was born, but lay in abeyance until Frank Delf took up the challenge and held the first meeting of the Society in October 1969. The object of the society is the furtherance and enjoyment of art and they hold monthly meetings with criticisms, lectures and demonstrations with annual exhibitions of members' work, the 2017 exhibition at the Waveney Centre, New Market, Beccles.

BECCLES SOCIETY OF ARTISTS is celebrating its 50th year in 2019. Based in Beccles in North Suffolk, and dedicated to the enjoyment of art. Most members are practising artists and they hold a very popular annual exhibition each year at the Public Hall, Beccles. They meet at the Waveney Centre in Beccles on the first Wednesday of each month, for talks and demonstrations by professional artists. Guests are always welcome for a small charge of £3.
Much more information can be found on their website:
If you’d like to join them, membership is £20 per year (£25 if paid after 28th February) You do not have to be a practising artist, just to have a love of art. All joining details are on our website.

There are a large number of known member artists 1969-1990 on whom I need further information
Andrews, K. Asquith, P. Asquith, T. Bailey, A. Ball, E. M.
Barlow, S. M. Bird, E. L. Boosey, R.
Brown, P. Browne, G. B. Bunn, N. Clarke, F. Coy, P.
Crisp, N. Ducker, P. Ford, B. Ford, M. Gardner, R.B.
Hall, H. E. Hall, N. J. Harding, P.I. Harman, J.
Harper, G. Harper, J. Heygate, J. Hickling, T. Hill, P.
Hird, Yvonne Hodge, J. Jarvis, B. Jeffrey, c. Jeffrey, C.
Kaye, A. Kemp, G. Kendrick, J. Knight, A. Knights, D.E.M.
Lyster, Ronald Maisey, E. L. Martin, P. A. Masters, I. Masters, H. L.
Nicholls, H. T. Nicholls, R. Nicholson, J. Offord, E. Pymm, M.
Quantrill, J Rice, B. Roberts, G. Roberts, M. Roffey, N.
Schofield, E. Sheed, M. Smith, F. Smith, J. G. Sneddon, A.
Southwell, M. Studdard, J. Taylor, D. W. Taylor, O. Thompson, J.
Turnbull, J. Walden, M. Wells, G. Wells, G. E. Wise, L.