AIRY, Hubert

1838 - 1903

Hubert Airy

Hubert Airy was born at Greenwich, Kent on 14 June and baptised at St Alhage, Greenwich on 12 October 1838, one of the nine children of [Sir] George Biddell Airy (27 July 18012 January 1892), Astronomer Royal 1831-1881, and his wife Richarda née Smith, Richarda Airy, who married at Edensor, Derbyshire on 23 March 1830. Hubert, who was a brother to both Annot Airy and Christabel Airy, married at St John's Church, Keswick, Cumbria on 5 June 1872, Susan Cecilia Langton (7 November 1837-30 April 1924), youngest daughter of Skinner Zachary Langton of Barrow House, Keswick, their only son was Arthur Langton Airy but they had two daughters Mary Gabrielle (1873-1895) and Agnes Margaret Shaw. An English physician, pioneer in the study of migraine. He exhibited from Stoke House, Woodbridge, Suffolk at the Woodbridge Fine Art Exhibition in 1887 four watercolours 'Entrance to Yarmouth Haven', 'Playford Hall, Autumn', 'Trees in Greenwich Park' and 'Red Poppies on Mirror'. Hubert Airy died at Stoke House, Woodbridge on 1 June 1903.

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