CLARK, Carolyn

1942 - ?

As Carolyn M. Burridge, she was born at Bridge, Kent in 1942. As Carolyn Giles, she married at Kensington, London in 1970, Roy Clark and paints under the name of Carolyn Clark. Her interest in drawing began in her school-days, but was in abeyance during university studies and a scientific career. On retirement, Carolyn studied watercolour painting at Putney School of Art and various other classes in London with best tuition from Sutton College of Learning which has a strong art department. Painting is now her hobby, working mostly in her prefered watercolours, but also works in acrylics, concentrating more on the drawing of everyday objects. A member of the Eye Arts Guild from Ashdown Lodge, Laxfield Road, Eye, Suffolk.

Works by This Artist