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Jennifer Hall

Jennifer Hall was born in Africa, spending half her childhood in East Africa and half in rural Suffolk. She studied at Norwich School of Art where she obtained a B.A. (hons) in Graphic Design. After working in London as a designer and then in advertising in Edinburgh, she married in 1985. Owing to work commitments the family moved regularly between the UK and Europe, experiencing life in Brussels and Hamburg but in 1999 she returned from Germany, with her three children, and was motivated into taking a B.A. (hons) degree in Fine Art at the Suffolk College, which she completed in 2003. Jennifer accepted an opportunity of a studio at Butley Mills Studios, which enabled her to learn the art of bronze casting as well as benefiting from the creative atmosphere of Butley. In 2005 she rejoined the Sudbourne Park Printmakers at their new studios in Sudbourne where she learnt and experimented with the many different print processes. 2009 saw her exploring her interests further by studying at the Sainsbury Research Unit, University of East Anglia where she gained an M.A. in the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas. Jennifer exhibited from Woodbridge, Suffolk at the Suffolk Art Society in 2006, a bronze 'Head: Dressed for the Occasion' and is a Life Member of the Ipswich Art Society and has also exhibited at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition also showing at The Station, Bristol; Edmund Gallery; The Cut Halesworth and other galleries in Suffolk.
Website: https://www.jennifer-hall.com

Royal Academy Exhibits
from Woodbridge, Suffolk
2008 263 Ploughed Field - linocut

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