COBBOLD, Emily Clementina

1859 - 1941

Emily Clementina Cobbold, was baptised at Walton-cum-Felixstowe, Suffolk on 20 April 1859, daughter of Horace Cobbold (1824-1890), farmer at Capel Hall, and his wife Katherine Sarah née Haward (1831-1914), who married at Sproughton, near Ipswich in 1854. A sister of Florence Jane Cobbold [q.v.] and as a member of the Ipswich Art Club 1883-1887, she exhibited from Capel Hall, Trimley St Martin in 1883 four table lots 'Water Bottle', 'Plaque' and two 'Tea Set' and from Capel Hall, at the Woodbridge Industrial & Art Exhibition at the Lecture Hall, Woodbridge several table lots including two watercolours. She married in 1887, John Sheridan Clarke and she died at Harwich, Essex in 1941, aged 83.