WATT, Mary Millar

1924 - 2023

Mary Millar Watt

Mary Millar Watt was born at Dedham, Essex in 1924, daughter of John Millar Watt and his wife Amy Maultby née Biggs, Amy Millar Watt, who married at Willesden in 1923, when they moved to Dedham, Essex. Mary was educated in Cornwall and Devon and in 1939 attended the St Ives School of Art under Leonard Fuller (1891-1973), who first opened his school in 1938. During the War, Mary relocated to Bath and worked as a draughtsman for the Charts Department of the Admiralty. After the war, the family removed to Knightsbridge in London and she completed a five-year Diploma at the Royal Academy Schools 1947-1952, earning silver medals for painting and drawing and a David Murray scholarship for landscape. Mary’s work consists of portraits, remarkable for their range, demonstrating her dexterity in so many media and she is an artistic polymath. A member and exhibitor of the Society of Women Artists, exhibiting at the Royal Academy also showing at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters; Society of Miniature Painters and the Royal Watercolour Society. A member of the Ipswich Art Club and exhibited from Fir Tree House, 81 Church Street, Lavenham, Suffolk in 1977, two paintings 'Evening in Early Winter' and 'Little Girl' and in 1978 'Shotley' and 'Portrait' and was a regular exhibitor exhibiting three items in 1980 'Chalk Drawings', 'Gemini Variations' and 'Willow' and is also a member of the Royal Academy Schools East Anglia Group. Mary Millar Watt lives in retirement in Edgefield, Norfolk where she works, and exhibits locally, from where she was also a member and exhibitor at the Norfolk & Norwich Art Circle 1990-1994.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from Milford House, Lansdowne, Bath
1945 592 May Flowers
from 8 Walton Street, Chelsea
1948 182 Portrait of a Girl
1951 383 Portrait
1957 729 Mattins
from Fir Tree House, Lavenham, Suffolk
1958 903 Garden at Chalfont - wash
1959 [1159 page missing]
1964 778 Willow Stump
1979 629 John Glaisher
         633 Peter Glaisher

Works by This Artist