RUSSELL, Clifford Allan

1919 - 2003

Clifford Russell

Clifford Allan Russell was born at Woolwich, London on 4 December 1919, son of William Robert Russell (24 May 1890-9 April 1973), rate-fixer ministry of defence, and his wife Lucy née Ennion (27 September 1891-20 January 1977), who married at Woolwich in 1915 and in 1939 were living at 242 Wrinklemarsh Road, Greenwich, London. Clifford worked in advertising in the 1930s and served in the Second World War, during which time he was introduced to Suffolk when stationed at the Orford Armoured Training Range when preparing for the 'D' Day landings and was part of the allied advance through France, Belgium and Holland, painting and drawing from the gun-turret of his tank. His tank was blown up in the crossing to Germany and Clifford was paralysed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair. He came to Southwold and later moved to Walberswick and then Frostenden, all in Suffolk. He later studied to become an architect having a successful practice during the 1970s. A member of Ipswich Art Club 1942-1951 and, as Lt. Col. Clifford Russell, exhibited at Ipswich from 50 Hotson Road, Southwold in 1942, 'Bonnington Reach, River Clyde' and in 1948 'Ena of Ipswich & Southwold' and 'Tidal Mill, Woodbridge'. An exhibitor at the Lowestoft Art Group at St John's Church Hall, Lowestoft in 1960 'Industrial Landscape' and 'Suffolk Scene' and was also a member of the Southwold Art Circle from Grove Farm, Frostenden, Suffolk and had a solo show at Walberswick in 1999 and represented in Walberswick related shows at Chappel Galleries in 1998 and 2002. He married at Lambeth in 1945, Diana Marigold Tacon. Clifford Allan Russell died at Ayesbury Vale, Buckinghamshire on 19 February 2003, being survived by his wife, who died on 15 December 2011, and a daughter. He is represented at the Imperial War Museum with 'Tank Studies'.

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