1926 - 2015

Glyn Morgan

Glyn Kingsley Morgan, was born at Pontypridd, South Wales on 16 July 1926, son of Henry Ivor Morgan, a railway chief clerk, and his second wife Gladys Caroline née Baker, who married at Edmonton, London in 1923. Educated at Pontypridd Grammar School then at Cardiff School of Art 1942-1944 under Ceri Richards (1903-1971) and he belonged to the so-called Rhondda Group and, during these early years, Morgan painted fine studies of the industrial landscape around where he had been born, at the junction of the Taff and Rhondda valleys. In the summer of 1944 he spent a study weekend at the East Anglian School of Painting at Benton End, Hadleigh, Suffolk and then studied at the Camberwell School of Art 1947-1948 after which he returned to Benton End. After his training at art school and a period in Paris, Glyn followed his mentor & teacher, Cedric Morris [q.v.] at the East Anglia School of Painting & Drawing, where he settled with a studio, and lived most of his life in Suffolk. Richard Morphet (born 1938), keeper of the Modern Art Collection at the Tate Gallery, expressed on the occasion of an exhibition at Y Tabernacl in Mchynlleth 'Morgan is one of the most faithful students of the school...which Cedric Morris & Lett Haines established at Benton End, Hadleigh...A key element in the dynamic of Benton End was the contrast between the personalities of its founders and between the art each of them made. Of the two, Morgan is especially devoted to the example and achievement of Cedric Morris, whom he first met in their native Wales, and Morris's legacy can be seen clearly in his pupil's concern with vibrant colour and with plants, animals and birds.' Glyn produced an impressive stream of pictures inspired by Mediterranean legends ranging over 'Aphrodite' 1966-68, 'The Table of Minos' 1969-72, 'Europa' 1972, 'Orpheus' 1973, 'Apollo and Marsyas' 1977, 'Dionysos' 1980 and 'Gaia 1991 and the theme of his 1996 Chappel Galleries exhibition was the myth of the Green Man and he has also exhibited at Drian, London and at Minories, Colchester. He married in 1958, Jean Elizabeth Bullworthy (4 May 1934-31 October 2015) and latterly they lived at 120 High Street, Hadleigh, Suffolk. He died at Ipswich on 26 June 2015 to be followed by his wife 4 months later. (David Buckman - 'Glyn Morgan at Eighty' - Bristol (2006).

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