TRACY, Agnes Loveridge

1839 - 1924

Agnes Loveridge Tracy was born at Tacket Street, Ipswich in 1839, daughter of John Tracy (1798-21 December 1873), a dental surgeon, and his wife Mary Isabella née Fife (26 April 1803-7 March 1875) but Agnes was only baptised at St Stephens Church, Ipswich with her (twin?) sister Jessie on 5 May 1856. In 1841, her father John and his wife were living at Upper Brook Street, Ipswich with their eight children. Agnes was one of a family of local artists, and in 1851 was living at Whitton Road, Ipswich with her 20-year-old brother John as head of the family with 28-year-old sister Mary as housekeeper with her parents absent. In 1861, the family were living at 16 Tacket Street, Ipswich with 62-year-old John and 56-year-old Mary, with seven siblings, Mary Catherine 40, born in Scotland, Nathaniel 31, born in Lambeth with Anthony 23, Jessie Fife 22, Joseph Wingfield, Isabel Martha Wingfield 17 and Humphrey 15, all born at Ipswich. Agnes studied at the Ipswich School of Art where she regularly exhibited and winning several awards also studied in London. In 1871, a 27-year-old artist, already deducting a few years from her age, staying with sculptor Percy Weekes, at 96 Buckingham Palace Road, Westminster. In 1881, Agnes was an artist (painter), living at Oak Lodge, Christchurch Street, Ipswich with her artist sister Isabel. A watercolour landscape painter who exhibited from Ipswich in 1880, at the Woodbridge Fine Art Exhibition at the New Street Assembly Rooms, five watercolours 'Hollesley Bay', 'Orford from the Hill', 'Porch of Orford Church', 'View of Orford from the River' and 'Second View of Orford' and in 1889 at the same venue at the Assembly Room, Bull Hotel, Woodbridge several watercolours, also showing some artwork for Cheval Screens and China Painting. A member of Ipswich Fine Art Club 1879-1890 and exhibited from Oak Lodge, Christchurch Street, Ipswich in 1879, 'A Glimpse of Spring', 'Broken', 'Wandering' and 'Carlton, near Cambridge', in 1880 'In A Fog', in 1881 two watercolours 'The Dome from the Mariaplants, Utrecht' and 'The Tale Nearly Told', in 1883 nine works 'A Winter Morning View from Tuddenham Road', 'A Winter's View from Tuddenham Road', 'Priory Farm', four table lots and two 'Design for Panel or Screen', in 1885 two works 'Barn at Pond Hall Farm, Gainsboro Lane' and 'Pond Hall Farm' and was a regular annual exhibitor showing some thirty-four paintings, many local views including in 1893, 'Harwich from Felixstowe', she also exhibited at the Bury St Edmunds Fine Art Society in 1882 watercolours, 'The Old Sailor Wife', 'Stoke Bridge, Ipswich' and a portrait plus some decorated china. In 1911, she was living at 25 Roundwood Road, Ipswich on 'private means'. Agnes Loveridge Tracy died at Poppyville, Roundwood Road, Ipswich on 2 January 1924, aged 84, she was unmarried. See also Isabel Martha Wingfield Tracy for other examples of her work which are now at Edinburgh University.

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