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The Bury St Edmund's Fine Art Society was established in 1879 and held its first exhibition of over 200 works at Mr Clarke's Photographic Rooms, Angel Hill, Bury St Edmund's on 21 June 1880 when Frederick Machell Smith (1830-1905), a banker & wine shipper, was hon. secretary and founder, holding its second at the same venue on 14 September 1881 and its third in September 1882 when the title was Bury St Edmund's and West Suffolk Fine Art Society. By 1887 the exhibitions were being held at the Town Hall and by 1889 the Society had been renamed Bury & West Suffolk Fine Art Society with their exhibitions still at the Town Hall. The demise of this Society has yet to be uncovered.

Exhibiting artists need further information

Miss H. Bevan, Plumpton (1882)
Mrs Fish, Hardwick (1882)
Miss Last, Bury (1882)
Miss Martin, Newmarket (1882)
H. Martin (1882) an oil 'London Bridge' highly commended
A. Orsini (1882) an oil 'Poldo' highly commended
Mr Semer (1882)
Mr Machell Smith (1882)
Miss Sorsbie, Clare (1882) at least 3 Sorsbie daughters of the vicar of Clare
Mr E. Sparke, Bury (1882)
J. Whiting (1882)