1968 - ?

Thackeray Gallery

The Thackeray Gallery at 18 Thackeray Street, Central London, was founded by the Priscilla Anderson and opened for business in 1968 with the aim of exhibiting living British artists, a tradition that continues more than fifty years later. Priscilla successfully built up and ran Thackeray Gallery for the next 25 years, introducing first class artists into the space, and creating a gallery that earned itself an excellent reputation and standing within the art world. Following Priscillas retirement in 1993, the gallery then passed to Anne Thomson who was running The Sue Rankin Gallery, London, who merged the best of the two galleries into one, retaining both the Thackeray Gallery name and location and she continued to build on the 25 years before her, and honour the philosophy of promoting and nurturing young artists. In 2001, Sarah Macdonald-Brown, took over the ownership of the gallery. In the gallery's formative years, artists such as John Kyffin Williams (1918-2006), Alberto Morrocco (1917-1998) and Joanna Carrington exhibited at the Thackeray and although now deceased, their works are still shown. Other artists who have exhibited there include Peter Coker, Frederick George Rees Cuming (1930-2022) and Donald McIntrye (19232009). Other Suffolk artists who exhibited at the Thackeray Gallery include Michael Flint, Brian Hagger, John Lidzey and Helen Napper.