1906 - ?

183 King’s Road Chelsea

The original Chenil Gallery was an old Georgian house situated between Chelsea Town Hall and the Six Bells Public-House located at 183 King’s Road Chelsea and known as Charles Chenil & Co. Ltd. It opened in 1906 and was run by Jack Knewstub who ran the business as an art gallery and dealership also as a frame maker and artist colour-man supplying all the needs of the local artist. In 1925 the gallery was refurbished and acquired adjoining premises with the intention of the New Chenil Galleries to have a picture gallery, a sculpture gallery and an art school and a repertory theatre. This outstripped Knewstub’s resources and Knewstub was made bankrupt in 1927 when Charles Chenil & Co. Ltd was voluntarily wound up. However, the Chenil name continued to be used in association with various exhibitions until the 1950s.

A London based gallery with the same name was operational in the 1970s and 1980s. It is not known if they were related.