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Ivor Butcher

Ivor John Butcher worked in film finance, becoming interested in animation and one of his creative projects involved designing prototype zoetropes', precursors of modern cinema. When he and his wife Ciara, started a family, he channelled his creativity into making things with wood, including picture framing and for some forty years has been flirting around the edges of the art and the design world. With no formal art school training, his art is of the moment, and completely unplanned, each piece unique and made by hand with his style evolving being inspired by things around him and the art of others. A member of the Ipswich Art Society from his studio at Halesworth, Suffolk and has exhibited at Saachi Art; Anteros Gallery in Norwich and elsewhere. Son Oscar Butcher is studying at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Works by This Artist