BLOOM, Joscelyn Harvey

1894 - 1978

Joseclyn & Ursula Bloom

Joscelyn Harvey Bloom was born at Long Marston, Gloucestershire on 10 March 1894, son of Revd James Harvey Bloom (28 December 1860-24 May 1943), an author, and his first wife Mary 'Polly' Gardner (1860-1917), daughter of the late John Gravor Gardner of Swaffham, Norfolk, who married at St Andrew's Church, Hertford on 18 September 1888. Joscelyn was the younger brother of the novelist Ursula Harvey Bloom (11 December 189229 October 1984) who was the executor to their father's will in 1943. In 1911, Joscelyn was a 16-year-old, living at 41 Shottery Road, Stratford-on-Avon with his 50-year-old mother Mary and his 18-year-old sister Ursula, his 60-year-old father was absent. Her mother died in 1917 when his father married secondly at Stratford-on-Avon Annie Josephine Sims (1869-1956). During the early 1930s Joscelyn lived in London but by 1935, had moved to Carshalton, Surrey joining the Art Workers Guild in 1936. Art master at Epsom Grammar School in Surrey, the school was re-named Glyn Grammar School, from where he retired about 1955/6. A landscape painter, wood engraver and linocut artist and a full member of the Royal Society of British Artists. He exhibited at both the Royal Academy and at the Royal Scottish Academy also exhibiting forty-eight prints and paintings with the Royal Society of British Artists. Most of his original linocuts and wood engravings were printed by himself and published in small editions of twenty-five impressions or less and his 'Oast Houses' is a splendid example of his linocut art. He and his wife Detta Harvey Bloom, whom he married at St George's Hanover Square, London in 1929, were associated with the Beccles Society of Artists. Joscelyn Harvey Bloom died at Pilgrims Hatch, Back Road, Middleton, Suffolk on 26 September 1978. His name is sometimes hyphenated Harvey-Bloom.

Illustration- Joscelyn as a child with his sister Ursula

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