c.1965 - ?

Vera Eleanor Delf, with the help of friends Julian Trevelyan (1910-1988) and his wife Mary Fedden (1915-2012), in the early 1960s established The Yoxford Gallery in the grounds of her Suffolk home in Yoxford High Street. Several successful artists exhibited there, among them John Piper (1903-1992), Keith Grant (born 1930) and Ian Simpson (1933-2011), who donated pictures for causes like Medical Aid for Vietnam that Vera supported. Vera Eleanor Delf died at Yoxford on 26 February 1999 and the gallery closed. Suffolk artists who exhibited at the Yoxford Gallery included Deborah Celia Joanna Ardizzone, Ian Armour-Chelu, Henry Holzer, Julie Noad, Audrey Elizabeth Pilkington and Phil Stearn. This may have been succeeded by Rowe & Williams Gallery.

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