1963 - 1982

Marjorie Parr founded her gallery at 285 Kings Road, Chelsea in 1963 which she had open for nearly 20 years attracting collectors, fellow dealers and artists. Her early Kings Road exhibitions included shows by artist Guy Wordsell, who opened the new gallery, painter John Hitchens, sculptors Peter Ball, Roger Leigh, Peter Thursby, Elisabeth Frink, Enzo Plazzotta, F. E. McWilliam, textile designer Tadek Beutlich and paintings by a young Michael Andrews. In April 1969 she opened another gallery in Wills Lane, St. Ives, Cornwall with her showing in the next two years including the work of sculptors, artists, potters and painters such as Denis Mitchell, Barbara Hepworth, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, John Wells, Bernard Leech, Janet Leech, Patrick Heron and Peter Lanyon. In 1971 Marjorie Parr sold her Wills Lane gallery to Peter Gibbs from Cheltenham and in 1974 sold her King Street gallery to David Gilbert who renamed the gallery the Gilbert Parr Gallery and continued to trade successfully until he finally closed it in October, 1982.