1910 - ?

The National Portrait Society was founded around 1910 by Sir Gerald Kelly (1879-1972), Glyn Philpot, Ambrose McEvoy, Gerald Moira, David Muirhead and Sir William Nicholson. Sir Walter Westley Russell who exhibited at their first exhibition in 1910. Portrait sculptor members including Sir Jacob Epstein also exhibited along with painters Alvaro Guevara, Walter Sickert, Oswald Birley and Australian painter Kathleen Laetitia O'Connor (1876-1968). The Societyís main exhibition venue appears to have been the Grosvenor Gallery 2 in Londonís Bond Street until 1921 when it changed to the Grafton Galleries. Louis Ginnett was for a time President of this short-lived society that appears to have held only a few exhibitions, the last being possibly in 1921. It is sometimes referred to as the Modern Portrait Society.