1898 - ?

Rowley Gallery

The Rowley Gallery was established in 1898 by Albert James Rowley and his wife Emma, at 140 Church Street, formerly named Silver Street, Kensington. In the mid 1920s, Rowley’s son Laurence joined the firm bringing his enthusiasm for furniture design and throughout the 1920s and 1930s The Rowley Gallery became renowned for its inlay wood panels, mirrors and screens as well as for its silver leaf furniture and interiors. In 1967 Laurence’s son, Christopher Rowley, was responsible for opening new showrooms at the present address, 115 Kensington Church Street, which had direct access to their workshops at 86 & 87 Campden Street. After the sale of the business David Kitchin was able to realise a long-held ambition to open a picture gallery. He rented wall space from The Rowley Gallery to start his own independent business, trading as Rowley Gallery Contemporary Arts. In 2006 he moved to Winchester, where he took over the former Maltby Gallery, under the new name of Rowley Contemporary Art. Chris Hamer and Kai Yin Lam continued The Rowley Gallery in London, not only frame making, gilding, and restoring, but also exhibiting their own selection of contemporary paintings and prints.