1859 - ?

University of Brighton

Brighton School of Art commenced in January 1859 and was housed in the world-famous Brighton Pavilion having been promulgated as early as 1836 by a Parliamentary report which stated that Great Britain needed to become more economically competitive. By 1877, the School had established its own premises on the site of one of the present faculties in Grand Parade. Over the years, the School has taught many art-related disciplines including Architecture, Design and Painting, Graphic Art, Screen lighting and set design and cinematography and Art History. It has had several name changes, Brighton College of Art (1947-1970), Brighton Polytechnic (1970-1992) and currently it is under the auspices the newly created University of Brighton. The University houses an important collection which was started in 1995 by Michael and Sandy Aldrich. It concentrates principally on the work of students and staff associated with the School since its creation in 1859.