1865 - ?

Oxford Brookes University

Oxford School of Art commenced in 1865 occupying a room in the Taylor Institution in Oxford city centre. In 1870 it was incorporated with the School of Science and classes in art and sciences were held in the evenings in Oxford University Museum. In 1871 the School moved into the basement of the Taylor Institution making way for what was to become the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art. By 1928 the School was then known as Oxford City Technical School but ceased to function as an art school. John Henry Brookes (1891-1975) became Vice-Principal of the Technical School and Head of the School of Art and introduced an architectural training course within the auspices of the art school and in 1934 the Technical School and School of Art merge with John Henry Brookes elected the first Principal. On his retirement in 1956, the School was renamed Oxford College of Technology. In 1970 it was again renamed Oxford Polytechnic and it attained University status in 1992 becoming Oxford Brookes University.