CARVAJAL, Catalina

1980 - ?

Maria Catalina Arango Carvajal was born in April 1980 and grew up in the bustling streets of Bogota, Colombia. She graduated in Fine Art in Colombia and then moved to Mexico City where she gained a Diploma in Illustration. Around 2017 Catalina married and movec to the UK from Bogata and now lives in Ipswich where she is regularly exhibiting and rapidly expanding her client base. A visual artist and illustrator she works in digital and mixed media and draws inspiration from places where she has lived, books that she has read and things around her. She draws objects, plants, landscapes, and animals and figures, spending time with her sketchbooks and has created colourful murals in Felixstowe, Ipswich, and Stowmarket. She had a solo exhibition at Gallery 142 at Felixstowe, Fox Yard Studio at Stowmarket and elsewhere and she also works on commissions and group projects.

Works by This Artist