1949 - ?

Iain MacLean

Iain Maclean was born in Kabwe, Zambia in 1949, to a Scottish father and Polish mother. After living for a time in Zimbabwe, he returned to Zambia where he lived until 1969 when he moved to England. Iain's attitude to art can be traced back to an incident when, aged 13 and living in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, he discovered some prehistoric cave paintings in a mysterious place called the Matopos. He studied at Goldsmith's College and St Martins College of Art in London, working evenings backstage at London theatres to pay his way through college but eventually lack of funds caused him to discontinue his studies. Iain then joined the advertising industry and became an advertising copywriter and then, creative director at several leading London advertising agencies, winning over 40 creative awards. In 2016 he retired to concentrate on his art. He currently (2020) living at Rickinghall, Suffolk.

Works by This Artist