1974 - ?

Mandy Renton

Amanda Jane Renton, who spent her childhood in Suffolk, is a self-taught artist and in 2006 took up painting seriously which was followed by several years of drawing and painting the human form. Also known as Budgerigardener, she is now a bird artist, budgie enthusiast, animal lover on a mission to paint the UKs favourite pet bird, the budgie. Her artwork portrays pet birds, colourful parrots, tropical birds, and UK garden visitors, feathered and furry, are explored in oils and acrylics, expanding the Budgerigardener range of greeting cards, prints and homewares. Mandy fits her style to the subject, from realistic, to impressionistic or graphic style, always remaining true to the essence and character of each creature. In 2020 she moved from Brighton, her home for some thirty years, back to Suffolk where she has a studio in her garden. A member of the Suffolk Open Studios from her home in Ipswich and exhibits at Gallery 142 at Felixstowe, Suffolk.

Works by This Artist