BURNETT, Rosamond

1904 - 1997

As Winifred Mary Rosamund Selby-Hall, she was born at Marylebone, London on 12 June 1904, second daughter of Revd Charles Selby-Hall (1 September 1869-19 October 1964) and his first wife Adrienne Winifred Olivia née Ebbs (1873-17 August 1926), who married at Hambledon, Surrey on 1 September 1898, Charles married secondly in 1928, Gwendoline Grace Oelrichs (28 October 1891-13 February 1977) and they had a short-lived son John in 1929. Rosamund studied at the Slade School of Fine Art and taught at Brunswick Preparatory School and had a studio in Kensington, London. A potter and sculptor as well as painter and printmaker under her maiden name of Rosamund Selby-Hall until she married at Marylebone in 1930, Sydney Montgomery Burnett, a school-teacher who was born in Guernsey, C.I. on 23 May 1905, from when she worked under the name of Rosamund Burnett. In 1939 they were living at The Old Forge, Hailsham, Sussex but later moved to 'Selion', Lamarsh, Bures, Suffolk - actually Lamarsh is in Essex - from where she exhibited at Gainsborough House, Sudbury, Suffolk. Her husband died at Lamarsh in 1988 and as Rosamund died at Eastbourne, Sussex on 24 February 1997 and her will was proved at Ipswich. She is most often referred to as Rosamond instead of Rosamund.

Works by This Artist