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The Norfolk and Suffolk Fine Arts Institution was founded about 1805 and held their 25th exhibition in Norwich in 1831. This is probably the same as The Norfolk and Suffolk Artists' Society which in May 1829 was voted 100 by the Norwich Common Coucil 'to assist in enabling them to enlarge their premises in Norwich and to purchase casts and models, with a view to the further promotion of Fine Art in this part of the country.' The Norwich, Norfolk, and Suffolk Artists Institution opened their twenty-seventh exhibition at their Room in Exchange Street, Norwich on 7 August 1833, this was to be their last exhibition. It has subsequently been revived. (Norfolk Chronicle 10 August 1833). It was probably revived as the Norfolk and Norwich Fine Arts' Association which was incorporated in December 1856 when Claude Lorraine Nursey [q.v.] was hon. secretary and was connected with the City of Norwich and East Anglian Art Union which

1831 artists included
Sir William Beechey (12 December 1753-28 January 1839)
George Clint (12 April 1770-10 May 1854)
Edwin Cooper (2 January 1785-9 January 1833) [q.v.]
Miss Crome (sister of John Berney Crome)
John Berney Crome (1 December 1794-15 September 1842)
William Henry Crome (1806-1873)
David Hodgson (president) (13 June 1798-23 April 1864) [q.v.]
Horation Beever Love (7 December 1800-19 August 1888) [q.v.]
Thomas Phillips (18 October 1770-20 April 1845)
T R Say - a portrait of Viscount Boringdon
Miss Eliza Sharpe (1796-1874)
Miss Louisa Sharpe (1798-1843)
Alfred Stannard (14 June 1806-26 January 1889)
Mrs J Stannard [nee Emily Coppin] (1803-6 January 1885)
James Stark (19 November 1794-22 March 1859) [q.v.]
Thomas Charles Wageman (baptised 29 January 1787-20 June 1863)
and others.

1833 included
Mr Barwell
Robert William Buss (1804-1875)
A. Browne
J. Catermoul
Samuel David Colkett (1806-1863)
John Sell Cotman (1782-1842)
Miles Edmund Cotman (1810-1858)
Mrs Arthur Dalrymple (amateur)
Richard Barrett Davis (1782-1854)
William Etty (1787-1849)
George Hayter (1792-1871)
James Inskipp (1790-1868)
Robert Ladbrooke (1768-1842)
John Berney Ladbrooke (1803-1879) [q.v.]
Robert Mendham (1792-1875)[q.v.]
E. C. Morgan
J. Patience
J. Patience, jun.
David Roberts (1796-1864)
Miss Emma Sillett
James Sillett (1764-1840)