LEE, Robert

c.1949 - ?

Robert Lee

Robert Lee was born in Canada. Robert studied Art, Architecture and Design and practised as a commercial designer for many years whilst also teaching design at Brighton and at Ipswich. In the late 1990s a tutor at the Ipswich School of Art, taking control of the higher level of art and design courses, and when Robert left to set up a business venture, Brian Holder replaced him. Robert Lee is now based in Somerset and intrigued by the possibilities of Box Art, to which Robert was introduced by a travelling exhibition entitled ‘Worlds in a Box’. 15 years later inspired by two works of literature he began creating works of his own as a response to the rich spatial imagery and descriptions of place and object found in prose. He now works primarily as a Box Artist, beginning each work by searching for boxes, and for images and other found objects to put in them.
Website: https://littleboxroom.com