MUMFORD, Louisa Elizabeth

1838 - 1929

Born at Bramford, Ipswich in 1838 and baptised at Bramford St Mary on 22 June 1838, daughter of Robert William Mumford (1802-1870) and his wife Elizabeth née Morgan (1800-1881) of St Brides, London, who married on 19 October 1830. In 1851, 13 year old Louisa was living at The Grove, Bramford, with her parents, 49 year old Robert William, a farmer of 600 acres, and 51 year old Elizabeth with her five siblings Mary Bond 19, Ellen 17, Robert Francis 16, Letitia 14 and William Arthur 11, all born at Bramford. On the death of her father in 1870 the family moved to The Gables, Bramford where they were living in 1881. A late starter she studied at Ipswich Art School passing her examination in 1888 and a watercolour landscape painter and a member of the Ipswich Fine Art Club 1893-1915 who exhibited thirteen works from 45 Henley Road, Ipswich 1886-1896 including in 1886 'Old Maltings, Mill Lane, Bramford' and 'Old Cottages, East Grinstead' in 1887 'A Sussex Lane' and 'Ol Workhouse Yard, Tower Ditches' and in 1893 ‘A View of Bramford’ and ‘Hedgerow Elms, East Grinstead’, in 1895 'Fir Trees', 'A Munificent Gift. Christchurch', 'The Minstrel's Gallery, Christchurch' and 'The Terrace Walk, Christchurch' and a further three pictures in 1896. In 1891 she was living at 45 Henley Road, Ipswich with two of her unmarried sisters Ellen and Letitia, but by 1911, together with her 77 year old unmarried sister, Ellen had moved to 42 Ivry Street, Ipswich but does not seem to have exhibited after 1896. She died at Ipswich in 1929, aged 91, she was unmarried.