1962 - ?

Mark Willis

Mark I. Willis was born at Ipswich in 1962, youngest child of John Robert Willis (1933-2012) and his wife Vivienne E. née Burrows, who married at Ipswich in 1955. A self-taught artist but has worked on courses run by several local artists. Mark sketches and photographs in the field and works up his ideas in his Ipswich studio, working in watercolours with bold colours and the textures of acrylics, and with the pleasing effects that can be achieved with soft pastels. With the inspiration of Leonard Squirrell and from the surrounding landscape, working on a broad range of interests which extends from local industrial landscapes such as the Ipswich docks area, the tranquillity of the Suffolk landscape or to more modern studies and portraits. A member of the Ipswich Art Club and has also exhibited in Ipswich and throughout Suffolk.
Website: https://www.mark-willis-art.co.uk

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