DIX, Stevie

1990 - ?

Stevie Dix

Stevie Dix, was born in Belgium in 1990, daughter of a musician & cartoonist and her mother was a sculptor and painter. Her home life was artistic and Stevie and her siblings have always been painting and drawing or playing music. Stevie attended an artistically focused high school, 'a type of schooling in Belgium where you can choose all art subjects and very little else'. After graduating, she moved to London and began to look at art as an alternative way in developing her independent practice, with the result that her work has been exhibited around the UK, Germany and Belgium and at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Relocating to Suffolk, the artist shares a studio with her husband Thom Hobson [q.v.], at Asylum Studios at Bentwaters, near Woodbridge, Suffolk. The artistís practice began as abstract paintings through mediums of oil paint, spray paint &c. with the result Stevieís paintings are largely scaled and emotive.

Works by This Artist