CLARKE, Jonathan

1961 - ?

Jonathan Clarke

Jonathan Petts Clarke was born at Bury St Edmund's, Suffolk on 14 May 1961, son of Geoffrey Cyril Petts Clarke, and his wife Ethelwynne née Tyrer (5 April 1924-14 August 2008), who married at Leigh, Lancashire in 1947. Jonathan was educated at Sudbury Upper School and studied art under his father. Jonathan works in sand-cast aluminium, initially carving his sculpture in polystyrene, a method, pioneered by his father and mastered by son Jonathan, which relies on the destruction of the original mould as it is vaporised by molten aluminium resulting in an entirely unique, one-off sculpture. His style, whilst abstract and architectural, carries a great deal of emotional resonance, often taking inspiration from social, spiritual and mythological subject matter. Other influences that Jonathan cites include the sculptors Eduardo Chillida (1924-2002) and Anthony Caro (1924-2013), as well as two-dimensional artists such as Robert Motherwell (1915-1991) and Mark Rothko (1903-1970). His first solo exhibition was in 1993 at Chappel Galleries, Essex and he has had a series of successful exhibitions over the years with regular shows at North House Gallery and Chappel Galleries, both in Essex, and Strand Gallery at Aldeburgh, Suffolk and exhibited at the Royal Academy and has also exhibited abroad including in Italy, Denmark, the USA and the Metropolitan Art Museum in Tokyo. Jonathan Clarke’s renowned skill for creating monumental sculptures has attracted several prestigious commissions, including an 11-metre wall-mounted cross for Ely Cathedral 'The Way of Life', a figure of 'Boudica' for the town of Colchester and a twelve-piece exhibit 'Twelve', for Trinity Hall’s permanent collection at Cambridge. He married at Sudbury, Suffolk in 1988, Joanne Caddell (1964-20 November 2017) and had one son. Jonathan Petts Clarke still lives at Stowe Hill, Hartest, Bury St Edmund's.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from Hangar, Stowe Hill, Hartest, Bury St Edmund’s
1989 No 5 of the Brotherhood - aluminium
1990 Slight Return IV and 'Mammon - aluminium
1991 San Romano - cast aluminium
1992 Feudalist 1 and 2 - aluminium
1995 Triumvirate - aluminium
1996 761 Slight Return IV – aluminium
         1255 Mammon – aluminium
1998 703 Naked - aluminium
1999 921 Fear Aggression - aluminium

Works by This Artist