HOWELL, Andrew

1970 - ?

Andrew Howell

Andrew Howell, was born in September 1970 and graduated in Fine Art at Central Saint Martinís College of Art and Design in 2006. Andrew Howell, or 'Monstieur Howell', is an eclectic artist working in a number of different media including 3D art, oil painting, drawing, sketches and watercolours. His art is a mixture of fictional, biographical and autobiographical elements, creating an uncanny world populated by innocent fairies and horrible monsters. The creation of this fantasy world, where innocence and wickedness merge, reflects the artistís attempts to capture and comprehend his subjective world. However, the beholders are invited to join this fantastic world, which is not exclusive to the artist but could belong to anybody, and identify themselves with its beautiful and tainted creatures. He exhibited at Art on the Prom at Felixstowe, Suffolk in 2014 from Rendlesham, Suffolk.

Works by This Artist