MILLS, Samuel Fitch

1830 - 1882

Samuel Fitch Mills was born at St James's, London on 1 March 1830 and baptised at St Anne Soho on 21 March 1830, son of Thomas Mills and his wife Sarah née Fitch. A landscape, architectural and genre painter who exhibited from 1838 until his death. Master of the Metropolitan School of Art and painted in Suffolk and in Surrey and he obtained a passport on 27 July 1861 when he painted in Brittany. In 1871, a 41-year-old teacher of drawing, living at Halliford Street, Islington with his 70-year-old widowed father Thomas, who was born at Kelvedon, Essex and his sibling sister, 33-year-old Sarah Mills. In 1876, described as an artist, was lodging at 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' at Cookham, Berkshire and by 1881, a 51-year-old 'professor of drawing', living at 27 Marylebone Road, London with his sister Sarah as his housekeeper. Samuel Fitch Mills was of 27 Marylebone Road, when he died at Fenchurch Street Railway Station, London on 23 March 1882, he was unmarried, and his sister Sarah was his executor.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 31 Ebury Street, Pimlico
1858 851 A Centenarian - watercolour
from 8 Halliford Street, Essex Road, Islington
1870 585 Lighting Up - watercolour
1871 743 Music hath Charms - watercolour
from 21 Cross Street, Islington
1873 862 Granny's Lesson
from City and Spitalfields School of Art, Primrose Street, Bishopsgate
1875 804 The Mill Stream - watercolour
from 21 Cross Street, Islington
1876 855 The Cottage Door
         1182 The Dipping Place - charcoal
1877 844 The Old Porch - watercolour
1878 841 On the Look Out - watercolour
from 27 Marylebone Road, London
1880 816 Mending Nets - watercolour

Works by This Artist