MILLER, John Laurence

1916 - 1987

John Laurence, sometimes Jack Lawrence, Miller, was born at Ivelbury, Sutton at Hone, Dartford, Kent on 29 November 1916, second son and third child of Frank Laurence Miller (31 March 1872-27 March 1963), a government officer, and his wife Tryphosa Amelia née Bonney (28 February 1882-10 May 1954), who married at West Ham, Essex in 1910. John was educated at Tonbridge and at Goldsmiths College, London. In 1938 he joined the Army in the Royal Artillery and in 1939 was an officer training, living at The Crow's Nest, Pine Hill, Crowhurst, Broadfield, Battle, Sussex with his parents. A painter of portraits and equestrian scenes in both oils and watercolours, which are striking for their free lines and energy. Jack disliked selling his pictures except to friends, and sometimes would sell just for the price of the canvas and should have achieved a greater recognition. John Laurence Miller died at Sudbury, Suffolk in 1987.

Works by This Artist