c.1955 - ?

David Parsons

David and his wife Jenny [q.v.] first met at art school and became teachers, who after taking early retirement, set up home at Bziers in Languedoc, southern France, but around 2010 decided to return home to The Laburnums, Hoxne Road, Eye, Suffolk. David is a landscape artist and the decision to leave their large French house with two separate art studios was not easy as they had owned their French home for some 30 years and lived there full-time for 10 years. At Eye they were also able to turn existing outbuildings into separate studio space where they paint during the day. David looks at the world and the elements which make up a scene and captures the different layers, lines and features which up a scene. His images can be viewed as bold, dynamic, graphic representations of the world almost sculptural. They had their first joint exhibition at Wingfield Barns in Suffolk and they exhibit regularly at the John Russell Gallery in Ipswich and elsewhere.

Works by This Artist