DAVEY, Robert Saunders

1930 - ?

Robert Saunders Davey was born at West Ham, Essex in May 1930, eldest of the two children of Robert William Davey (14 March 1905-2 February 1979), a telephone cable layer, and his wife Edith Maud née Corbell (30 December 1899-1991), who married at West Ham in 1929, and in 1939 were living at 19 Beatrice Street, West Ham. In 1942, part of a group of local lads, mostly from Benton Street, Hadleigh, Suffolk who became involved with the East Anglian School of Painting and Drawing at Benton End painting, non-too successfully, and making design work for student, Trevor White, who designed fashionable headscarves. Most of the students at Benton End were given a nom-de-plume by Arthur Lett-Haines and Davey's was 'Stoner Monk'. Davey was a solicitor with practices both in Hadleigh and Ipswich and was a trustee for both the Lett-Haines and the Cedric Morris estates. Robert married in the Samford district of Suffolk in 1953, Kathleen Hawes (5 April 1932-22 December 2003) and they lived at 25 Ann Beaumont Way, Hadleigh, Ipswich, Suffolk.

Works by This Artist