DAVEY, Robert Saunders

1930 - ?

Robert Saunders Davey, was born at West Ham, Essex in May 1930, eldest of the two children of of Robert William Davey (1905-1979), telephone cable layer, and his wife Edith Maud née Corbell (1899-1991), who married at West Ham the previous year, and in 1939 were living at 19 Beatrice Street, West Ham. Part of a group of local lads, mainly from Benton Street, who became involved with the East Anglian School of Painting & Drawing at Benton End, Hadleigh, Suffolk in 1942, painting, non too successfully, and making design work for student, Trevor White, who designed fashionable headscarves. Nearly all the students at Benton End were given a nom-de-plume by Lett-Haines [q.v.] and Davey's was 'Stoner Monk'. A solicitor with practices both in Hadleigh and Ipswich and was a trustee for both the Lett-Haines and the Cedric Morris [q.v.] estates. Robert married in the Samford district of Suffolk in 1953, Kathleen Hawes (1932-2003) and they lived at 25 Ann Beaumont Way, Hadleigh, Ipswich, Suffolk.

Works by This Artist