LUND, Niels Møller

1863 - 1916

Niels Møller Lund

Niels Møller Lund was born at Fåborg, Svendborg, Denmark on 30 November 1863, son of Christian Lund and his wife Caroline Sophie Tscherning née Knudson, who married at Vor Frue, Odense, Denmark on 29 January 1863. Niels spent his younger days in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and studied at the Newcastle School of Art, the Royal Academy Schools, studying under Sir John Everett Millais (1829-1896), William Quiller Orchardson (1832-1910) and Sir Samuel Luke Fiddes (1843-1927) and at the Académie Julian in Paris under William Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) and Tony Robert-Fleury (1837-1911). In 1891, an unmarried 27-year-old landscape painter, living at Fitzroy Street, St Pancras, London and, becoming a naturalised British subject, in 1901 a 36-year-old artist, naturalised British subject, with his 36-year-old Danish wife Betty Thora, who was born in Denmark and by 1911 they were living at 169 Adelaide Road, Hampstead, London. Lund is known for his impressionistic paintings of England, particularly London and the North-East and his best-known painting 'The Heart of the Empire' hangs in the Guildhall Art Gallery and provided inspiration for Frederic Marlett Bell-Smith's (1846-1923) painting of the same name, which also depicted Threadneedle Street, London. He exhibited at the Ipswich Fine Art Club in 1910, an oil 'A Flood in the Highlands' and he also exhibited at the Royal Academy; the Paris Salon where, in 1894, his 'Land o' the Leal' was purchased for the French Government. Niels Møller Lund died at 169 Adelaide Road, Hampstead, London on 28 February 1916 and his wife was of the same address when she died in Hampstead General Hospital on 28 May 1936, aged 77[sic].

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 5 Langham Chambers, Portland Place, London
1887 448 The Slumbering Lake
from 18 Fitzroy Street, West London
1888 285 Breaking Mists
         1124 The Still Shores of Arisaig
1889 888 On the Kintyre Coast
         1112 Mid the Wild Music of the Glen
1890 1153 The Land o' the Leal
1891 200 A Winter's Night
1892 58 After Rain
         295 The Haunt of the Roe Deer
         518 Dorothy, daughter of Herbert C. Blyth, Esq.
1893 53 Miss Mary H. Todd
         811 November in the Glen
1894 246 Mrs R. Wright Taylor
         395 Mist and Flood
from 118 Southampton Row, Russell Square, West Central London
1895 153 The White Hart
1896 765 Miss B.T.C.
from Stratford Studios, Stratford Road, Kensington
1897 243 Kenneth Mackenzie, Esq.
1898 65 The City of Newcastle-on-Tyne
         419 The 'Revenge' leaving Jarrow
1899 181 Highland Homes
         970 Christmas Snow
1900 14 The City of Durham
1903 195 The Bath of Diana
1904 819 Londonderry
1905 430 Rock and Wild Cascade
         446 Windsor
         476 Nature's Jewels
1906 350 The Braes o' Breadalbane
from 169 Adelaide Road, Northwest London
1907 324 Winter in the North
1908 37 The Wilds of Rannoch
         1519 Bamborough Castle - etching
1909 124 The Origin of the Red Rose
1911 436 Chepstow Castle
1912 118 The Pearl-fisher
         640 The Hills of Skye
1913 1578 Birch Trees - etching
1914 564 Falls of Dochart
         1194 Pevensey - etching
         1228 Corfe Castle, Dorset - etching
1915 294 Spate in the Highlands
         466 Yuletide: Perthshire Highlands
the late
1916 505 Portrait of the late Lieut. W. S. Peterson

Works by This Artist