LEE, Emma Jane

1853 - ?

As Emma Jane Andrews, she was born at Bury St Edmund's, Suffolk on 27 November 1853, daughter of Alfred Andrews, builder & carpenter, and his wife Emma Jane née Roach, who married at Bury St Edmund's in 1853. Emma married at Bury St Edmund's on 11 March 1880, Mayday Lee (born 1856) and in 1881 they were living with her parents, 47 year old Alfred, now a licensee of the Bell Hotel, and 54 year old Emma, at 48 St John's Street, Bury St Edmund's, Emma a 27 year old artist with her 24 year old husband Mayday Lee, a chief mate, with Emma's siblings including Mary Jane Andrews [q.v.]. Emma exhibited at the Bury & Suffolk Fine Art Society in 1881, several pictures including a self-portrait. In 1887 Emma gave a piano recital at Edmonton, London and in 1891 Emma was a 37 year old teacher of painting, living at 3 Greenfield Terrace, Llanelly, Carmarthenshire with her three children, Mabel Ellen 10 and Bessie Ada Louise 9, both born at Bury St Edmund's and Mary Agnes Lillian 1, who died at 3 Greenfield Terrace, Llanelli on 14 August 1891 aged 10 month. In 1894 Mayday Lee, then a ship's captain, was still living in Llanelly. In 1901, sisters Emma and Mabel, had sailed from Plymouth on the 'Ormuz' for Gibraltar, but her later history has yet to be uncovered but they probably emigrated to Canada.